Seminar – Making the Connection with Marion Crain (MAY 11 & 12)

Event Details

“The joy of dog obedience training lies in making a deep connection with each dog we train.”

This seminar is designed to help you build a relationship with your dog that you can take into the ring to set you up for success. We will focus on building drive & motivation, finding the balance between control and drive, and avoiding and managing food and toy dependence.

Saturday: training philosophy & foundation, including use of food and toys, bright-eyed setups & motivating ring transitions, precise animated heeling, speedy recalls and returns, fronts & finishes, and stationary positions (stand/sit/down) in preparation for signals and command discrimination.

Sunday: Continue and build on foundations for more advanced work, including retrieves, go outs, jumping, scent discrimination, and signals.

Marion started training dogs as a 4H’er, and has been competing in AKC obedience ever since. She has trained Shelties, Keeshonden, and Border Collies, and has lived, trained and shown widely across the country, including NY, CA, OH, WV, NC, and MO.

Her achievements include:

  • 12 OTCH/UDX dogs (6 Border Collies, 6 Keeshonden)
  • Seven 200 scores (Sheltie, 2 Border Collies, 3 Keeshonden)
  • Multiple tournament placements (AKC Classic, AKC NOC Group placements, and more)
  • Over 500 HIT’s and 400 HC’s; over 4000 OTCH points
  • Keeshond ranked # 1 all breeds for 2021, Front & Finish Delaney System (open & utility placements)
  • Five Herding CHs, Nine Conformation CHs, two GCH, and one RACH

No refunds will be made after April 10, 2024. A confirmation e-mail will be sent upon receipt of the registration form and payment. An additional e-mail will be sent regarding seminar times, hotel information, etc. Lunch and snacks will be provided each day.

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